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Gold Casio studio shoot for Disco Hits Radio

Gold Casio shoot for their album release Disco Hits Radio (2023)

Kelsy and Juan of Soul Flow House pictured in Whalebone Magazine
Arlo Indigo
Actress and photographer Charlotte Schwieger

Actress and photographer Charlotte Schwieger (2023)

Soul Flow House, photographed for Whalebone Magazine (2023)

Musician Arlo Indigo (2023)

Cover art for Niñø Disco's single Call Your Number

Niño Disco photographed for his single release of Call Your Number (2023)

Jenny Alien

Jenny Alien before show at Heaven Can Wait (2023)

Carol Coval sticker

Visual Artist Carol Coval promo shoot for her new sticker release (2023)

Skaters 1.jpg

Misc. Street portraits shot on 35mm film (2022)

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